I am busy with the next book, catching up on what’s been going on lately Chez Morse. Isn’t that sort of what I’m supposed to be blogging about? I write memoirs, dag nabbit. Between the book and this blog, it’s like I’m constantly fighting the urge to plagiarize myself.

Last night at dinner I told my husband what I have planned for Chapter Six. It’s about cleaning out our closets, basically—which is why I’m cool with the fact that it’s unlikely I’ll ever convince a publisher to give me an advance. They’d have to read the thing to understand. I tried writing out a list of chapter summaries and it was just plain stupid:

  • Chapter One: Susan worries unnecessarily about her marriage.
  • Chapter Two: Susan goes to a Broadway show and becomes unnecessarily worried about her children.
  • Chapter Three: Susan finds a few more things to worry about.
  • Chapter Four: Susan gets a new dog to distract herself. The plan backfires horribly.
  • Chapter Five: It’s all very stressful.
  • Chapter Six: Cleaning the closets helps a little.

So now we are caught up on the Morses and there is no need to read the first third of this next book. Is it clear we’re approaching a cliffhanger?

I knew this blog was a bad idea.

I had sort of the same problem with The Habit. I’d tell people I was writing a book about my mother and their eyes would glaze. I completely understood, but I couldn’t seem to help it. I am fascinated by the absurdities of the everyday, and I often feel a strong impulse to document them in a way that moves, entertains and comforts me (and, hopefully, others). Besides, I really can’t be bothered with making things up. I don’t mind about the publishing advance problem—I’m having too much fun writing to give it much thought.

Any way my husband was crying when I got to the end of my summary of the closet-cleaning chapter. I am pretty sure that’s a good thing. You kind of had to be there. Hopefully you’ll see.

Okay the dog's not so bad.

Okay the dog’s not so bad.

5 thoughts on “Cliffhanger

  1. This bog is fabulous! I’ve never written a comment like this before but after reading this I had to. Was looking up your husband because a buddy and I were commenting how he’s in everything and how much we like him. So, we decided to see who he was married to and no wonder he’s always in a good mood!! You’re HILARIOUS!! I will be leaving soon to buy your book. You’ve new followers done here in good ole Atlanta. Keep up the very engaging, hilarious and easy to read and relate to blog. Only a rednick could write a sentence like the previous!! Lol. I’m not writing for biz just fun! JH

    • Good! I’ve been neglecting this blog because I’m writing madly – now on Chapter 12, five to go and then I’ll come back here, thanks to motivation from you. David will be happy you think he’s in a good mood – he has a complex due to the characters he’s offered (unhappy cops or mean grumpy fathers, neither of which is accurate). Don”t go out to buy the book – it’s not in a lot of stores but Amazon and the other online outlets will send it to you quick.

      • What a nice message. Since I’m a huge fan of David’s, and now you, I shall do what a good fan and supporter should do:let you continue your writing. Best of luck to you both and I will post here from time to time.
        Your newest fan,
        John Henderson
        Atlanta, Ga

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