The Next Big Thing

My savvy novelist friend Mary Glickman has offered to tag me on her blog. I’m supposed to post answers to questions about whatever I’m working on at the moment, and then tag a new author friend’s blog at the end, where they will have posted something about their Next Big Thing.

My instinctive reaction was to lose Mary’s email and blame it on Christmas.

That worked fine for a while, but Mary’s a lovely person and eventually my conscience got the better of me. So I emailed to thank her and explain that I did not have a blog.

(Okay. I do have a blog, but until now it hasn’t been public. The only person I’ve shown it to is my sister. There has been a lot of dysfunctional dithering – partly because is not available and I’m not sure if is an accurate way to describe myself. These things can take on such significance and weight that I end up completely frozen. Besides, I’m working on my next book, and it’s a memoir. If I start blogging about what’s on my mind, what’s left for the book? A puzzlement.)

Mary’s been writing a long time and I think she must have sniffed a classic case of writer’s block, because she hit me right back:

No problem. If you don’t have a blog you can post on your Facebook author page instead. Totally acceptable.

This is not what I needed Mary to say. So I lost that email too, and blamed it on New Year’s until I could come up with another excuse:

Thank you so much Mary, but I can’t write about my Next Big Thing. It’s another memoir and it’s a surprise.

Still no problem, Mary shot back. Write about your first book instead.


I’d run out of holidays to blame, so I sucked it up and finally wrote a bunch of answers, and the process turned out to be kind of fun. But when I previewed the post in the Notes section of my Facebook fan page, it just didn’t look right. So thank you Mary for finally coaxing out into the world.  Continue reading